Mechwarrior: Living Legends

Discussion in 'MMO & Online Gaming' started by Mordus, Aug 24, 2011.

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    I've been meaning to take a look, need to buy Crysis Wars tho... I think that Crysis Warhead is what you need? The youtube shots of it in action are very impressive, I think it took them something like 3 years to make.
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    Same. Unfortunately, I don't think my current machine would run it. Fortunately, I just ordered parts for a new rig for SW:TOR :)
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    Hey guys.

    On a whim, I decided to give Living Legends a try, having downloaded it just yesterday (I haven't actually played a round yet, been learning/lurking in the interm). I was quite surprised to discover that buying Crysis Wars is not required with the new builds coming out (0.80+).

    The project's been handed off to a group of community developers who are quite happily continuing to work on the game by addressing some of the issues of the last build by the previous team (0.71). One aspect of this that they've changed is that MWLL now comes as a simple installer that uses the demo version of Crysis Wars to run the mod - it's basically its own stand-alone game at this point. There's zero reason to drop any money on a copy of CW now.

    MWLL is a multiplayer-only game with three game modes as of right now: terrain control (TC), which is very similar to Battlefield-style play with bases you capture until one side runs out of points, Solaris Arena (SA) is a free-for-all and Team Solaris Arena (TSA), which is the same as SA but with teams. The combined-arms idea is very prevalent throughout the game: tanks are actually threatening since they can't be roflstomped with floaters and aerospace assets can exploit a mech's thin rear armor to deal some serious damage. Even BA are a credible threat, especially to mechs with flat surfaces like Fafnirs; a BA can simply land on a Fafnir and go to town while the poor mech can't do a damn thing without outside help.

    One drawback of LL is that there is still no Mechlab. However, this prevents the idiotic PPC/gauss/LRM/ERLL/what-have-you boating you'd find back in the day in MW4 and in MWO (afaik). Either way, the whole mod seems to have come a long way from where it was five or more years ago.

    Leave a post here if you plan on giving the game a try, then we can look at trying to coordinate some small groups. My handle on LL is Unbroken, so feel free to message me via the LL Discord under that name.

    For anyone who wants more info that still looks at these forums, this three-hour AMA session with one member of the original LL team, plus two of the new community developers covers a lot of topics from how LL came to be to the direction the community devs intend to take the mod. It also showcases a good variety of the gameplay to be had.

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