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Discussion in 'HoC Embassy (Public)' started by Kato, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Kato

    Kato Serial Forum Killer Staff Member Core HoC

    If you are a member of HoC in Ark of War you must post in this thread to be given access to the private sub-forums. Post with your in-game name. (even if your account name here is the same) You may be contacted in-game to verify.
  2. Deadly

    Deadly New Member

    Hey hey everyone it's deadly just got onto forums so will be posting often
  3. Gunko

    Gunko New Member

    Are you guys recruiting in Ark of War? I just picked up the game and am looking for a guild
  4. Dragorn359

    Dragorn359 Guest

    Dragon359 here, please add me.
  5. Kato

    Kato Serial Forum Killer Staff Member Core HoC

    Dragon359, go ahead and make a new account. You got swept up in a bot-kill unfortunately. I'll re-add you.
  6. scottlee

    scottlee New Member

    Hello all. please add me, my in game name is xxAtreidesxx...
  7. 01EnDO

    01EnDO Guest

    Help! Found this while looking for Aow info. Already a member
  8. stevencottrill1966

    stevencottrill1966 New Member


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